Hey, friends.

I’m a writer and freelance journalist. I just got out of three years of writing for the student newspaper at the University of Alberta, The Gateway. After three years of my physics degree, I felt like I needed something extracurricular, so I started writing opinion for them. I got bit by the journalism bug, and expanded to everything else they had to offer (except sports). Eight months later, I was their Opinion Editor, and a year after that, Editor-in-Chief.

Somewhere along the way, I got that physics degree (warning: with a philosophy minor) but I still work there as Business Manager. Needless to say, nothing I say on this site in any way necessarily represents the views of my employer.

Beyond that, I do a fair amount of freelancing for our local alt-weekly, Vue Weekly. And I’ve been involved with the recently renamed Science for the People podcast since it began over four years ago. I used to be responsible for making sure the live broadcasts happened, but since we stopped livestreaming, I took over half the editing duties and continue to put the show together every two weeks.

This is just a place for me to put things I have nowhere else for. Overthinking video games, annoyance with current events, self-indulgences I can no longer print in the university newspaper, political manifestos and whatever. “Video Games” is me overthinking video games. “Thoughts” is stuff I actually think. “Feelings” and “News” are satire, idiot, Any post attributed to a real person in “Feelings” is written by me. Names that do not belong to public figures are made up and don’t necessarily represent the thoughts or feelings of anyone who might accidentally share the name—but shit, if you do share the name, let me know and we’ll go for beers.

I hope you like it. If not, no big deal.

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